How to add Cemu games to your Steam library

In this guide I am going to explain how to run Cemu games from Steam and how to show your friends which Cemu game you are currently playing.

I am assuming you already set up your game with Cemu and are ready to start it. If you need instructions on how to setup Cemu with Zelda BOTW you can check my previous guide.

Adding Cemu to your Steam library

Open Steam, click on “Add a game” and choose “Add a non-steam game”.

Steam will now search for programs that are on your computer. If Cemu does not appear in the list, click on “Browse” and choose your cemu.exe. Now click on “Add selected programs”.

The program may be called something different for you depending on the folder you installed it to.

Adjusting the properties

Right click on your just added program in your library and choose “Properties”.

In the new window you can now change the name to the name of your game and the game icon if you want to (“Choose icon…”).

We will also have to change the launch options to tell Cemu which game we want to play. To do this choose “Set launch options…” and add the following in the field. I will assume the path of the game is “C:\Games\My Game\game.rpx”. You will have to adjust this path to the file you are usually opening with Cemu.


Make sure you put -g in front of the path. If you want to start the game in fullscreen, add -f followed by a space in front of everything.

Close the windows and try to start the game. Cemu should be opening and automatically load your game. The name you chose will now also be shown in your friends’ friends lists.

Add a launch icon to your desktop (optional)

Open Steam, right click your newly added game and choose “Create desktop shortcut”.

If you open the game with this new desktop icon, Steam will now recognize that you are playing the game. If you chose an icon in the properties, it will also look nice on your desktop.

Have fun playing!

Additional notes

  • There are reports that using Steam Link with Cemu is possible, but I have not tried this myself
  • If you are looking for nice banners for Steam big picture, have a look at this Reddit thread by /u/Bbrown43

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